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Why New Morning?
Why Now?

Every woman should have control over her fertility and her future. At New Morning, we empower women in South Carolina by expanding access to birth control across the state, eliminating barriers that make birth control hard to get.  Over 19 million women in the United States currently live in a contraceptive desert, areas that lack the full range of birth control methods. New Morning coordinates a large and diverse coalition of partner organizations to increase the availability of birth control at low or no cost as part of its statewide program.   The nonprofit enables Federally Qualified Health Centers, rural health clinics, college health centers, and hospitals to deliver patient-centered counseling, eight birth control methods for free or low cost, and other reproductive health services for all women in South Carolina.   New Morning believes women who are uninsured and living on a low income have the same rights to quality reproductive healthcare as women who are economically stable. That is why New Morning provides annual contraceptive subsidies, totaling about $3 million, to all its clinical partners. This ensures women living on a low income can access the information and contraceptive services they deserve and need. New Morning’s approach is working. With a focus on addressing the lack of access to reproductive health services in low-income and rural areas, New Morning’s program has delivered care to 1 in 3 women in South Carolina.  Since launching in 2017, New Morning has provided services for more than 400,000 women and reduced unwanted births by 44 percent¹. Today, any woman in South Carolina has an equal opportunity to get whatever birth control she chooses, no matter where she lives or her socioeconomic status.  ¹

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